Friday, May 11, 2007

When the Answers Lead to More Questions

I've visited dozens of websites, read hundreds of opinions, and I just can't stop thinking about Lost. Which is a really good sign ... after all, I thought the show had flat lined months ago. But now ...

A Few More Thoughts ... On Coincidences ...

1. Is it just a coincidence that Ben was born at seven months ... and that on the Island, pregnant women die at the end of their second trimester, or roughly at the seven-month mark?

2. Is it just a coincidence that Ben was born approximately 32 miles outside of Portland ... and Mittelos Biosciences, which recruited our favorite mole, Juliet, to the island, is based outside of Portland?

3. Is it just a coincidence that Benry demanded Locke kill his father as an act of loyalty ... considering Benry killed his own father in the same manner? The only question left to ask is ... did Benry offer this act up willingly ... or was it required?

4. Is it just a coincidence that Richard and the other Hostile/Others (Hothers?) seem to expect something greater of Locke? At both the site of the ruins and at camp when he beat Mikhail, there was this sense of them holding their breath. It almost seems like a "prophesy" situation ... as though any moment we'll hear Richard say, "Remember, the prophesy says that one will rise ..."

5. Is it just a coincidence that nearly everyone on the island has daddy issues? Oh yes ... I said nearly everyone. Sawyer hates his, Locke hates his, Henry killed his, Jack hates his, Kate blew hers up, Claire blew hers off, Hurley hates his, Sun hates hers, Jin hates his and hers ...

A Few More Thoughts ... On Pagan Tribes and Beliefs ...

Some people are speculating that the ashes Locke found near Jacob's shack are a symbol of mortal decay in the Bible; a symbol of penance and forgiveness in Christianity; and/or part of the phoenix resurrection myth in Egyptian mythology. They're on the right track ... but they're looking towards the wrong religions.

I believe it's a magick circle. It could be used an evocation ... for the calling up of a spirit or demon. But, more importantly, in some pagan beliefs, this type of circle is also believed to be an area which straddles two dimensions or realities. It becomes a sacred space between the mundane world and the other side.

The circle is fragile and sensitive to things passing through it ... which would explain why Benry reacted when Locke touched the ash. I don't know ... it seems to play into my idea that Benry is holding Jacob hostage. It would also explain why Benry is so threatened by Locke ... and it would explain why Jacob would ask Locke for help.

A Few More Thoughts ... Locke's Future ...

Ben isn't just a psychopath ... he's a genius. He had no intention of killing Locke. Why? Because he shot Locke in the one place there was no vital organ to damage ... the hole where his kidney would've been.

He was good at school, never failed a grade
They gave him hopes and dreams
And taught him not to hate
He had rules he learned to break for fun
Now he's hidin'
Cause his fingerprints on the gun
Why'd ya have to do it Evil Genius?
Was it justified in your mind?
Why'd ya put us through it Evil Genius?
Was it justified in your mind anytime you held a grudge?

Pat Benatar - Evil Genius

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