Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guess I'm More of a Comedy Girl ...

This week's Entertainment Weekly features their list of the Top 25 Greatest Action Movies of All Time. Here's their top ten picks:

1 - Die Hard
2 - Aliens
3 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
4 - The Road Warrior
5 - The Matrix
6 - Seven Samurai
7 - Gladiator
8 - Saving Private Ryan
9 - Hard-Boiled
10 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I donno ... I'm willing to admit that I'm not a real action movie fan. This is a proven fact, given that I've never watched three of their top ten (Seven Samurai, Hard-Boiled, or The Road Warrior). I mean ... common, doesn't Hard-Boiled sound like an adorable computer animated Pixar film about a lil' yellow peeper with self esteem issues? In any case ... keeping that in mind, any opinion I give will have to be taken with a rather large grain of salt.

Die Hard? Yeah ... I'd probably agree that's right up there at the top. But wouldn't you think one of the Star Wars pics would be up there? Or is that considered Sci-Fi and therefore ineligible for action movie status? Would Jurassic Park be considered action? And if so, man that's gotta be in the top five. And where the hell is Pirates?

I love to hear what other real action fans think of EW's list ... because it may just be a matter of taste. And considering I made a point of Tivo'ing Celebrity Fit Club's season finale ... I'll admit mine is pretty bad.

And they say that a hero can save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait
I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away

Nickelback - Hero

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  1. I'm more of a Comedy Guy so I can sympathize.

    1 - Die Hard - Saw it. Liked it.
    2 - Aliens - You've gotta be kidding.. No desire to see it.
    3 - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Who doesn't like an Indy movie.
    4 - The Road Warrior - Saw it on TV. Depressing, but sorta OK.
    5 - The Matrix - Yes! I'm an aging geek so, of course I liked it.
    6 - Seven Samurai - Didn't see it, don't plan to.
    7 - Gladiator - Didn't see it, don't plan to.
    8 - Saving Private Ryan - Didn't see it, don't plan to.
    9 - Hard-Boiled - Didn't see it, don't plan to. Title doesn't ring a bell.
    10 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Saw it. Liked it.

    Sorry you aren't getting many comments. I drop in occasionally and like your blog posts.

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