Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Non Sequitur Tuesday ...

I love the smell of our server room. No, I'm not crazy. Well ... I may be crazy but that's a completely unrelated topic.

Have you ever gone to an ice rink or seen a hockey game? Then you know that the rink has a distinct smell when you walk through those double doors. You can actually smell the ice ... smell the cold.

Well, server rooms are kinda similar. No ... there isn't a Zamboni. And sure, that's a negative ... but, then again, there aren't hockey pucks flying towards your head. It's a trade off.

But the one thing that makes the server room the best room in the entire building ... is that it's uber-air conditioned. You walk in and you are instantly chilled. It's wonderful.

I guess I should explain that I have some kind of weird fixation on air conditioning. I don't want to be able to hang meat in my home ... but ... I'd like it to be close. I want to wear sweatshirts 365 days a year. I want to sleep with a quilt tucked around me like a taco. I want to move to Canada.

Now where was I going with this? Oh yeah ... our server room smells nice. It's uber-cold. And it smells cold. And it smells clean. It smells like ... ozone. And it's sublimely quiet ... except for an almost subconscious hum from the machines. I want to move my desk in there.

All my life I had to struggle
I paid some heavy dues
Squeekin out a livin
Playin easy blues
Then one day my music
Made me a millionaire
I bought a big old mansion
With central heated air
Now I got more money
Than I know how to use
Got everything a man could want
But I aint got no blues
Success for me could only lead
To my immediate doom
Cause I cant play the blues
In an air conditioned room

The Blues Brothers - Can't Play The Blues In An Air Conditioned Room

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