Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Really ... Wow ... Cool ...

I'm edgy ... I'm tired ... and I can't listen to the bullshit anymore. I spend hours everyday saying, "Really ... wow ... cool ..." over and over and over. Some people just love the sound of their own voice. It's hard not to just interrupt them and calmly explain, "It's called self-editing ... Google it."

My grandmother was like that. I can't tell you how many times we had this conversation:

"Do you watch Days of our Lives?"
"No, Grandma ... I don't watch any of the stories."
"Well, let me tell you ... I don't know what Marlena's going to do about Roman ..."

UGH! It's fine to talk about things I know nothing about ... but why go into excruciating detail? I can't participate ... and I'm forced to return to, "Really ... wow ... cool ..."

It's not as if I'm anti-social. I talk with dozens of people every single day. The girls are great ... my Mom's fun to talk with ...

But some people ... damn.

Well, it's no big sin to stick your two cents in
If you know when to leave it alone
But you went over the line
You couldn't see it was time to go home

Billy Joel - Big Shot