Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do You Know The Way to San ... Er ... Coralville?

So, next week, the twins are headed to Anime Iowa ... and I ... am going to be their driver. Aw, no ... we trust 'em completly. It's not that. It's just that their car is pretty old ... and this way we'll get them to the convention and back in one safe package.

So, has anyone ever been to Coralville or Iowa City before? I've got three days to kill ... can you think of anything cool up there? I hear there's a place called "Old Chicago" that's supposed to have great pizza ... and there's a casino about 30 minutes south. Any other suggestions?

Six and three is nine
Nine and nine is eighteen
Look there brother baby
And see what I've seen
Baby don't you wanna go
Back to that same old place
Sweet home chicago

Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago


  1. College One3:33 PM

    What is there to do in Iowa City??? Why, just a mere 10 miles east of Iowa city is the one and only Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum!!! Just for a mere 6 dollars, you can learn about the joy and happiness of America's most beloved president. If you go now, you can even get a chance to explore the temporary exhibit, "Fishing For Fun", which takes a look at the fish species and fishing in Iowa, which just happened to be a favorite pastime for Mr. Hoover. Hurry though, this exhibit leaves September 30th and you will miss out on the great experience.

    ~College One

  2. What ... are you smoking?

  3. Idiot's Anonymous2:13 AM

    Wasn't Herbert Hoover hated because of his plans during the beginning of the Great Depression?

    But anyways, I'm sure there's plenty do do in Iowa City... if you get bored, you can watch a whole group of cosplayers dance in the lobby on Saturday. :D

    ~Idiot's Anonymous