Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Doubt She Even Remembers It ...

A haiku for an old friend on the east-coast who sent me an e-mail regarding my "harsh" review of Cavemen:

All apologies
But if you enjoyed Cavemen
Put away the bong

Note: This is the third incaration of my haiku. What you see above is the original. I then got an e-mail from someone claiming that "enjoyed" is three syllables (en-joy-ed). So, I edited the post and took the word "but" out of the second line. After further discussion, I'm putting it back. Right or wrong ... "enjoyed" SOUNDS LIKE TWO SYLLABLES. And this whole topic is making my head hurt ... almost as much as when I watched Cavemen.


  1. College One9:20 AM

    Isn't the second line supposed to have 7 syllables?


    ~College One

  2. Yes ... and I'm about to pull my hair out!!! Someone wrote me and said that "enjoyed" was three syllables ...


    So ... I edited the post to reflect their "correction." Screw it ... I'm editing it back to it's original state. Hold on ...

  3. College One2:28 PM

    Examples of /d/ Endings for Past Tense Verbs

    "clean" becomes "cleaned" and is pronounced "clean/d/" (one syllable)

    "dream" becomes "dreamed" and is pronounced "dream/d/" (one syllable; note that "dreamt" is the British English version of the past tense of "dream")

    "save" becomes "saved" and is pronounced "save/d/" (one syllable)

    "enjoy" becomes "enjoyed" and is pronounced "enjoy/d/" (two syllables)

    "marry" becomes "married" and is pronounced "marry/d/" (two syllables)

    Fight the power Thirtywhat-Man!!

    (I'm already noticing on the boards that I go to, when I say that I didn't like cavemen, the people that do like it get VERY defensive.)

    What kind of person actually EMAILS you about your opinion on a tv comedy? and then about enjoyed having 3 syllables? Perhaps their tv shows are not giving them enough satisfaction and they must go find more enjoyment elsewhere?

    ~College One

  4. I know! The first e-mail was from a friend of mine who said that Cavemen wasn't that awful. She said I must've been having a bad day and that I was "taking it out on Cavemen." WTF?

    There's actually someone out there who loves this bad sit-com enough to think I'm emotionally abusing it? Thus was born ... the hiaku.

    Then, as if I wasn't already speechless, I got another e-mail from another individual telling me that if I was going to slam Cavemen with "bad poetry", I'd better get out my "Basic English" book and do it right.

    SIGH ... they've totally missed the point. The joke was supposed to be that bad poetry follows bad television.

    Hey ... one man's trash is another man's treasure. If someone likes Cavemen? More power to them ... but they better get out a VCR tape and start recording those Geiko ads ... cause I guarantee that shitacular show won't be on the air long.

    PS ... and thank you so much for the clarification. Enjoyed IS two syllables ... so they can take their "basic english" book and shove it up their ass ... which, by the way is ONE SYLLABLE.