Monday, October 01, 2007

Fall Premiers Revisited ...

It's once again fall television premiere season. There's quite a bit I haven't watched ... there are just some shows I never got into. I never watched CSI or Law & Order ... never watched Desperate Housewives ... never watched ER. Which is fine. Well ... except CSI. That's one bandwagon I wish I would've jumped on. I hear good things. But I digress ...

What can I say? I dig water cooler discussions ... and I dig them even more when I can participate. So, in my pursuit of the Hippest Co-worker of the Year Award ... which I will never win using words like "dig" ... I've tried to catch a lot of the new shows.

Dirty Sexy Money - I loved Six Feet Under ... so I'm really getting a kick out of watching Peter Krause playing an attorney hired by a Kennedy-esque clan of eccentric flakes and weirdos. I can't help thinking what an amazing show this would've been if it was shown on HBO instead of ABC.

Chuck - I've said it before and I'll say it again ... this guy is one Red Sox hoodie away from stealing Jimmy Fallon's identity. I mean ... did Jimmy Fallon turn this part down? Did they even bother offering it to him first? Is he sitting in an apartment somewhere going, "You have to be fucking kidding me?" Cause he should be. In any case, the moment Chuck grabs an acoustic guitar and starts singing, I'm cancelling my series recording.

The Big Bang Theory - Hey, I'm as much into geekdom as anyone else ... if not more so. But funny is funny ... and this ain't it. My first clue? Painfully obvious laugh track. It's an immediate sign of bad things to come. Only redeeming aspect? Cool shower curtain. Avoid the show ... get the shower curtain here.

Reaper - Cute ... amusing even. But I liked it better the first time around when it was called "Dead Like Me." What makes it worth watching? Leland Palmer as the Devil. How wicked cool is that?

Moonlight - First off, let me come right out and say it ... I absolutely hate private eye stories. I mean, common. It's 2007. There should be a moratorium on any story involving private investigators. Especially anything that begins with the line, "Like most stories, this one begins with a girl ..." UGH! Having said that ... vampires, in general, are pretty cool ...

Bionic Woman - Ugh ... maybe it was just me ... but that was pretty painful. I was too young to get into the first Bionic Woman back it the 70's ... so maybe I'm missing out on the nostalgia aspect. And once again ... on the doppelganger front ... didn't that blond chick play Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica? Are the network executives trying to screw with my head? Wait? She was Starbuck? How the mighty have fallen ...

If you want to tune into some old favorites or maybe catch a few new ones ... check out the info here or here or here. Oh and Lost ... you remember Lost, right? We'll be waiting until February, 2008 for that one. I guess HBO isn't the only network that likes making their fans wait months ...

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

Tom Petty - The Waiting


  1. College One6:34 PM

    Hmm... Well, we have some disagreements here... So here's my list of Premiers... I have no water cooler to stand around, I just have no life.

    Chuck- I thought this was kinda amusing. Yes, he looks like Jimmy, but I've gotten over that :P Has some good laughs. Will probably watch it again, but not cry if I miss an episode.

    Big Bang Theory- I must admit it... I thought it was funny. The sperm bank part wasn't... but the other jokes, yeah, I laughed. It had its moments. I think it's one of those shows that's on the brink. It was a slightly weak episode, but I can see the potential. I can also see the downfall.

    Heroes- OMG WHY DON'T YOU WATCH THIS SHOW??? Season 2 promises another great story.... though, I think McFlirty is a bit much.

    Journeyman- avoid at all costs. Worst waste of 30 minutes ever. And yes, it's an hour long show. I couldn't even last the entire hour, and I've lasted through crap before (VH1 anyone?)

    Law and Order SVU- I love this show. Even more than CSI, which I'm forced to watch cause of my roommate. This season starts out with a bang with a case of a lady with multiple personalities... really good show. And you don't even have to watch every episode to get into it.

    Kid nation- Yes. I admit it. I watch this. And... yes, it's slightly cruel putting kids out to do this stuff (though really, the chores aren't too bad and they have 6 adults for every 1 child)...especially killing a chicken. But you know, it's kind of nice watching a reality show where people are really thinking about the good of everyone and they aren't forming alliances trying to oust one another. They're just really living life (I do have opinions about the kids... that kinda makes me feel guilty). Watch this show, but it's not for everyone.

    Private Practice- Grey's anatomy spin-off. Meh, that first episode was a little too dramatic-y for me. Will return for at least 3 more weeks, after that, who knows.

    Survivor- yet another season of Survivor... I'm finally starting to be burnt out. I'm not really rooting for anyone cause no one stands out(cept maybe red team as a whole since yellow's so stupid). This might be my last survivor.

    Grey's Anatomy- By the end of last season, I was starting to get frustrated by this show. But this season's opener reminded me why I love it. I really think they're going to get rid of Grey as the main character and move more towards Libby as the main.

    The Office- This is going to be another season of pure genius. I just have to say, I OMG'ed out loud when he hit her...

    Avatar- Yes... I have finally given in. The twins have gotten me to watch Avatar. Turns out, it's actually really good...

    Desperate housewives- SO GOOD! I am so sad that I didn't start watching this series from the beginning, but I caught it at a great time (last season) to be able to get into it really easy. From the outside, it looks like a bunch of preppy homemaker moms, but once you start watching, you realize there's much more than that. I can't wait to find out more about this new family!! The daughter's been brainwashed to believe she's someone she's not??

    Brother's and Sisters- I first started watching this show just cause it was on after DH and I was looking for something new to watch, and the series was premiering that night. And I soon got caught up into it. What at first looks like the perfect, Brady Bunch Kennedy family suddenly falls apart into a mess. This season brings a lot more trouble for the Walker family, including their youngest son Justin being called back into service into Iraq. They ended the season opener with us finding out his group was bombed and there were casualties. This season is going to be just as great, if not better than the first.

    That's about it. I wanted to watch Reaper, but I missed the premier, so I'm prob not going to get into it. Didn't watch Dirty Sexy Money just cause it didn't look that interesting to me. Didn't watch Big Shots cause it looked like Desperate housewives for boys, and while I love Desperate Housewives, I don't think I could handle men. Plus, DH has murder, suicide, mysteries, and drama. Big shots just looks like whiny boys. I, too, had NO interest in Bionic woman and thus didn't waste my time with it. I've been hearing great reviews, but these still don't make me wanna watch it.

    (wow... this turned into my own blog post, rather than a reply :P)

    ~College One

  2. Hey, the more the merrier ... blog away! haha :)

    I forgot to comment on our "old favorites" ...

    The Office - I totally agree! The season opener was fantastic. Oh ... my ... God ... the french fry bags were clawed? LOL I laughed until I almost peed myself!

    Earl - You didn't comment on this but I know you're not into it. The first half hour ... not so good ... last half hour ... amazing. Joy's tough love was the most hilareous thing I've seen on TV in weeks.

    Heros - Well ... I fell behind. I missed the last four episodes or so of last season ... so I didn't see the point of watching this season. I'll get the DVDs from the library and catch up sometime soon ... :)

    Journeyman - Started taping it ... but stopped to do something else. Heard you thought it sucked ... so didn't bother watching it later.

    Law & Order/CSI - Wish I would've started watching these years ago ... now I have no idea who anyone is.

    Desparate Housewives - Mom just started watching this ... and she's already hooked ...

  3. College One11:09 PM

    Haha, see, no one can escape the power that is Desperate Housewives.

    Oh, I forgot, I also watched Moonlight. It was alright. I'll probably watch it again. It didn't make me "OMG" at all, and prob not one of my fave shows, but a pretty good thing to watch on a boring Friday night.

    ~College One