Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Confessions Of A Ketchup Blogger ...

Back in October, (my ex-husband) took the family to see "Rent" at the Braden Auditorium in Bloomington for my birthday. I'd always wanted to see it ... and since it was a Broadway touring company ... it seemed like a good bet. And boy, was it. Great show.

In any case, before the curtain came up (or ... non-curtain as you RentHeads might say ...) College One said she wished I would blog about the show ... but I probably wouldn't since I was a "Ketchup Blogger."

Ketchup blogger? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

She explained that a ketchup blogger is one who doesn't blog for weeks on end ... the blorch ... out comes two or three posts a day.

I laughed ... Hah! I am no ketchup blogger! I told her to wait and see ... ... I would blog about Rent ...

Blorch ... [sigh]

Mine is the loneliest of numbers
Now is the loneliest of times
You're 19 days late
But still I sit and wait
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting
Waiting on you

Weezer - Waiting On You