Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm No Clean Freak ... But Common ...

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and used one of those "sanitized" glasses they have in the bathroom next to the ice bucket? You know the ones with the little paper protector "hats" over the tops? If you have, you could've been exposed to anything from e-coli to staph to hepatitis.

Check out this story from the at Fox News 31 in Colorado.

This is the type of undercover news story that turns people into Monk. All I know is next time we travel ... I'm packing my own tableware.

I don't like no nasty car
I don't like nasty food
The only nasty thing I like
Is a nasty groove
Will this one do?
Uh huh, I know ... say...

Janet Jackson - Nasty

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