Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poor Service At Schnucks On Sangamon ...

I am not a raving bitch ... but, damn ... a woman can only take so much. This was how I spent my thirty minute lunch break today:

Actual Conversation Overheard
At Schnucks on Sangamon at 12:00 Noon

... and I love your acrylic nails ...

Deli Employee:
You like them? I went to ...
[words words]

I do too! I just got mine ...
Oh, by the way, I want three
chicken strips ...
I just got mine
taken off because of ...
[words words words]

Deli Employee:
I just got mine done
for so-and-so's wedding.
[words words words words]
Hey, did you hear about Penny?

No ... oh, and I'll also need
some of those potatoes ..."

Deli Employee:
Omigod ... they fired her.
They fired ALL of them.
They just came in and ...
[words words words words words words]

NO! Really? I really liked her!
She was my favorite.
Hey, what flavor are those egg rolls?
[words words words words words words words]

At that point, I'd been standing there waiting nearly ten minutes ... so I left. There are too many places to spend my hard earned money at work to listen to co-workers chat as I stand in line behind them wasting away the thirty precious minutes I've been given to eat my lunch.

Open Letter to Schnucks Management

I find it hard to believe that a pricey establishment such as yours has such a large customer base on the North End of Springfield that you can afford to have people permanently write you off because of poor customer service.

Your deli employees are much more interested in avoiding eye contact, hiding behind the rotisserie oven, and chatting with friends to be concerned about whether or not they sell me lunch. That kind of service makes visiting your establishment at noon (or any other time) no longer an option. It's a shame ... because your food is good. Just not good enough to make up for the bad service.

We're going out of business
Shutting down the doors
Everything's on clearance
Closing up the store
Don't act like you don't hear it
Don't act like you don't know
We're going out of business
Everything must go

Babyface - Going Out Of Business

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