Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Superbowl Commercials - Ver. 1.0

Bud Light - Ability To Breath Fire - Hmmmn ... I would've thought this was hilareous ... if I hadn't seen the Dairy Queen Flamethrower commercial about a thousand times. I love those. When that guy screams ... man, I laugh everytime. - B+

Audi - Godfather Homage - Seriously? That's kind of obscure isn't it? Is anyone under thirty going to "get" this ad? Then again, is anyone under thirty going to be able to afford a luxury Audi? - B


  1. Ditto on the Dairy Queen flame thrower guy...he cracks me up everytime too. I thought the exact same thing with the Bud Light version...


  2. I actually had Mr. ThirtyWhat rewind the DVR ... because for just a minute I thought it was a Flamethrower commercial. And my first thought was ... "WOW ... Dairy Queen can afford a Super Bowl commercial?"