Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Super Bowl Commercials - Ver 2.0

Diet Pepsi Max - What Is Love?- This was going for a strong C ... but then Chris Kattan showed up in the end and it shot way up. What can I say? I'm fickle. - A-

Sales Genie Cartoon - Wha Huh? Is it me or was the whole Indian thing kinda racist? It's probably just me. Sucked anyway. - C-

Bud Light - Cheese Party - Clever. Little sexist ... but ... clever. I've always wondered what you guys do off by yourselves at parties. Who knew? - B+

Under Armour - The Future is Ours - Um ... in a word? Creepy. I'm glad to know sports-loving cyborgs are going to take over in the future. Now I'm gonna go order me a pizza. Plus ... as a side note ... does Under Armour not sound more than a little like "underarm" ... somebody in R&D should've picked up on that way before the million dollar Super Bowl ad. - C


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    agreed on sales genie racist

  2. There was a second Sales Genie ad that was basically the same concept only using Pandas and an Chinese family with a stereotypical asian accent. Maybe I'm being overly-sensitive. It is the Super Bowl after all. I'm just saying ...