Friday, July 04, 2008

Any Rock the Dock Fans Out There?

Calling all Springfieldians ... I need some info ... and unfortunately, I'm going to need it in the next six to eight hours. I'm only hoping someone is out there (on the 4th of July???) reading the Springfield bloglist ...

We're wanting to see "Rock the Dock" this year ... but we've got no interest in going to the Marina to party. Now, I haven't been out on the Lake in years ... but when I was growing up, my Dad would take me out on our boat and he'd usually launch at the docks off of 6th Street. There used to be picnic tables and such further down the launch area ... and I'm pretty sure that launch is across from the Marina.

So, my question ... can you see the fireworks anywhere else off the Lake? Or do you have to go to the Marina itself? Anyone got any suggestions or ideas? We want to try something new besides the usual downtown fare. If we went to the 6th Street launch (have no idea what exit that is ... but it's before Chatham) ... could we park somewhere down there and see the fireworks?

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  1. College One4:21 PM

    I remember when we were kids, we used to go out to the lake and watch fireworks, but I really don't \know where it was, cuz I was too young to know. I know that there were picnic tables and a building that had concessions, but that's about it.

    I'd imagine there's places you can go around the lake to watch the fireworks, but not rock the dock. Probably just get a map and see where some parks are in relation to the marina. Sorry I cdan't help more ;)

    ~College One

  2. I donno if we'll make it anyway ... I'm fighting a kidney infection. I am just beat ...

    So, since we don't know where we're going ... and I really don't want to hang out at the Marina) or pay $10 a piece) just to watch some fireworks ... we'll probably just hang here tonight.

    Happy 4th, everyone ... :)