Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Notes on a Debate ...

I am not a political blogger. In fact, when I first met (my ex-husband) back in 1995, I was completely oblivious. My first experience in a voting booth was voting for Bill Clinton in 1992 ... primarily because he played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall and wore boxers. Good reasons to vote for a candidate? No. Was I a responsible voter? Probably not. But MTV told me to "Rock The Vote" ... so ... I rocked the vote.

But over the years, it's slowly sunk in. I've become political by osmosis. (my ex-husband) was pretty sneaky about it and started small ... I think with the nightly news. These days, I can't go to sleep until Keith Olbermann has finished up his debate coverage.

So last night's debate? Well, I have surface impressions. Obama came off as cool and collected. McCain came off like an angry old man. I could just picture him, as president, yelling, "Hey you kids, get off my aircraft carrier."

I can't imagine what would compel John McCain to call a fellow senator "that one" ... it was arrogant and disrespectful. And, while I hesitate to comment on his physical appearance, due to the whole POW issue Senator McCain is so painfully bashful about, he didn't look ... well. He walked hunched over ... his body language was closed off and angry. He didn't appear comfortable ... and he didn't appear presidential.

But, here's what stuck with me about the whole evening. When the debate was over, Michelle and Barak Obama walked around the hall for quite awhile shaking hands and greeting people. In fact, they stayed long after McCain and company had, as Elvis would say, "left the building."

In any case, while the Blue Team was stumping for the win, John McCain walked over and shook a few hands while his wife, Cindy, stood with her hands firmly clasped behind her back. She did not shake hands or touch anyone.

Yes, I know the story. Earlier in the race, someone apparently shook poor Cindy's hand so hard at a rally that it broke her arm. If this story is accurate, she must have the bones of a bird. No matter the case, she came across as an elitist germaphobe last night.

I realize we aren't electing Cindy McCain any more than we're electing Michelle Obama. However, these women will be the diplomatic face of our country at many events. As a woman, and a partner, the mental image didn't sit well with me that Cindy will be a political Howie Mandel, stepping back with a "Whoa, don't touch me" attitude during her first state dinner at the White House.

Again, just surface impressions ...

Listen. I just wanted to say, y'know.
Whatever presidents say y'know.
Things like, er... the name of people and er, freedom
And I dunno. Democracy, stuff like that. Woo! Come on!

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