Friday, December 19, 2008

R.I.P. Caylee Anthony ... You Deserved Better ...

The AP has reported that DNA tests confirm the skeletal remains recently found in Orlando (only 1/3rd of a mile from the Anthony household) belong to missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

What a horrible end to a horrible story. Caylee deserved so much better. If you hate being a mother that bad, why not relinquish your parental rights to someone who would be thrilled to have a daughter? It's heartbreaking.

The only thing left to pray for is a miracle. A miracle that will cause Casey and her parents to tell the truth about what happened. There are a lot of lies being told ... and I don't believe Casey's the only one telling 'em.

Like a fish gets caught on a hook
You'll go for a line, get hit with the book
Like cop puts cuff on a crook
Baby, you'll get yours

Frank Sinatra - You'll Get Yours

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