Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Damnit, I Like Grape Soda ...

And so I'm back ... after a two month self-imposed hiatus. Nothing horrendous happened. I have no stories of crisis or conflict to share. I simply gave up. I felt I had nothing worthwhile to say ... and why fill the Internet with more pointless blathering?

And ... two months later ... nothing has changed. I still don't think I have anything significant to contribute. However, I'd forgotten how cathartic blogging can be. And, while I may never solve the world's problems ... maybe talking here can help solve mine. So are my motives selfish? Oh, yes ... as Sarah Palin would say, "You betcha!" But that's alright ... sometimes we need to be a little selfish.

I may have an answer for yesterday's doldrums. It seems as though I'm coming down with some sort of sinus/cold thing. It's these damned extreme weather changes that do it to me every time. But that's alright too. I have a heating pad which seemed to help the achiness ... and I have Tylenol Sinus which seems to stop the draining that was making me feel so sick ... and I have grape soda that ... well, okay it doesn't do anything. But damnit I like grape soda!

Dancing through life
No need to tough it
When you can slough it off as I do
Nothing matters
But knowing nothing matters
It's just life
So keep dancing through

Wicked - Dancing Through Life

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