Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday's Frustration On Tuesday ...

To Whom It May Concern ...

Just a heads up. I am unable to accomplish anything when I am constantly interrupted. I swear it is like there is some kind of conspiracy today to make sure that I am unable to have 5 uninterrupted minutes to myself.

And while we're clearing the air ...

When I answer a question, take my word for it ... it's the best answer I've got for you. You asking the same question five times will not produce a different answer. Furthermore, acting like something is okay does not make it so. Insisting that a file exists when it doesn't only hurts you ... I assure you, it doesn't hurt me.

So go ahead ... bloviate ... tell the world that everything has been fixed. And then tomorrow when everything explodes, I'll really fix it.

P.S. - Stop moving my chair!

P.P.S. - No, seriously ... this is the fifth time I've moved it back today. Stop TOUCHING my chair!

There you go
You're always so right
It's all a big show
It's all about you
You think you know
What everyone needs
You always take time
To criticize me

Simple Plan - Shut Up

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