Monday, June 28, 2010

Holding Up The Fort ...

And the hits just keep on coming. My co-worker/teammate was out in Boise doing a remote install last week ... and on Friday he was hospitalized and rushed into surgery. He's in ICU on a ventilator ... sedated so his body can try to recover from septic shock. He's listed in critical condition ... but he's improving. The doctors are saying we should be "cautiously optimistic."

Meanwhile, on the home front ... a needle biopsy of (my ex-husband)'s lymph node is scheduled for Wednesday, a dental exam for Thursday, and a meeting with the oncologist on Friday. Thank God for our girls ... if it weren't for them helping out and driving their Dad to some of his appointments, I'm not sure what we'd do. With my co-worker out, I'm the only IT support in my office. Taking off an hour here or an hour there isn't too much of a problem ... but big chunks of time would be next to impossible.

We rearranged our bedroom this weekend so (my ex-husband) would have more space on his side of the bed. It's a nice change ... in fact, I wish I was napping in our big ol' bed right now. But I suspect that's more a product of fatigue than feng shui.

Why Don't They
Do what they say, say what they mean
Oh baby, one thing leads to another
You told me something wrong
I know I listen too long
But then one thing leads to another

The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another