Monday, July 05, 2010

Angels Among Us ...

There really are angels in this world. They may look like everyday, ordinary people ... but they are angels ... going out of their way to make someones world a better place.

We found out last week that Mr. ThirtyWhat couldn't start radiation until he had a full dental checkup. Apparently, people with head and neck cancer have to be extraordinarily careful with their teeth. Radiation weakens the jaw bone so it's simply too dangerous to have teeth pulled once you've started the therapy.

So he had his exam last week and Dr. Adonis told us that three wisdom teeth and one other molar had to come out. We were referred to Dr. Williams and had our first consultation with him this afternoon. He agreed with Dr. Adonis and sent us to their billing and scheduling department to set everything up.

We were worried ... because Dr. Gupta, the oncologist, and Dr. Nanavati, the radiologist wanted to start chemo and radiation on Monday, July 12th ... and right off the bat, we were told that summer is the busiest season for oral surgeons. Everyone wants to schedule their kid's wisdom teeth during summer break ... so they weren't sure how soon we could get in.

And in stepped our angel. Allie, at Dr. William's office, went in back, looked at the schedule, consulted with Dr. Williams, and arranged for Mr. ThirtyWhat to have an emergency appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I can't express what Allie did for us. Because of her kindness, Mr. ThirtyWhat can begin his chemo and radiation on time. Because of her patience and concern, we can start fighting the cancer this week instead of waiting weeks. I can't begin to repay her ... but I'm going to send a thank you note and try to let her know how much her intervention meant to me.

And so tomorrow Mr. ThirtyWhat will have four teeth pulled ... later this week they'll install a port in his chest to assist with the chemo and help get extra fluids into his system ... and before close of business Friday, they'll map out the radiation therapy so he can begin treatment on Monday.

It will be a busy week ... and thank heavens for our daughters. They have been taking turns driving him to appointments so I don't have to miss quite so much work. And just like Allie, I can't begin to repay them either.

So in the midst of all this sadness and stress, I can appreciate that we're blessed. And we will get through this ... and be stronger in the end.

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence

Alanis Morissette - Thank You


  1. Dr. Amit Gupta? If so, he's the hematologist/oncologist that my wife has been seeing for the past couple years for her blood condition. We switched to him after what we considered to be sub-par care and have been very happy since. He's a thorough, caring, and personable doctor.

    Great to hear about the help you're getting to make things fall into place.

  2. Yup! That's our Dr. Gupta too! My cousin was diagnosed with colon cancer several months ago and suggested we ask for Dr. Gupta. He's been so incredible ... he's caring and informative ... he's patiently answered our questions.

    I'm sure we'll have bumps in the road in the next couple months ... but Dr. Gupta (and Allie from Dr. William's office) have been VERY helpful getting us past them.