Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Unbearable Itchiness of Being ...

I look like somebody punched me in the head ... literally. Last Friday morning, I woke up and my right eye was nearly swollen shut. No, no ... I wasn't part of some extreme cage match for middle-aged women ... although that does sound colorful. It's just a sinus infection and allergies.

I tried treating it myself ... starting with Benadryl ... which, by the way, is the bastard stepchild of NyQuil and Dramamine. It initially worked, or at least I assume it worked because my eyes were better once I woke up from the coma. But in the end, I had to break down and admit I couldn't fix it myself. I went to the doctor ... who gave me Augmenten for the infection ... and suggested Claritin D for the allergies.

The eyes? Well, the itchiness and swelling ... the unbearable itchiness ... that's just allergies. The redness and bruising is from my rubbing them. You have no idea how nearly impossible it is not to rub them. I just have to wait for the Claritin to help ... and possibly buy myself some mittens ...

Woke up this morning
Fell out of bed
An all night juke box
Pounding in my head
Was I moving on Susie
Was I stomping on Jane
I was waiting for the thunder
Standing in the rain
I've been itching all over
I don't know know know which way is which

Kix - The Itch