Friday, January 04, 2013

Eyes Up Here ...

Ugh ... I hate being wrong.

Okay ... so last summer, an acquaintance offered to take me to see a ball game.  I politely declined ... told him I wasn't really a "sports kinda girl."  A few of the guys here teased me mercilessly about it ... and I waved it off ... and told them they needed to shut the fuck up.   It got better for awhile.  Then off and on over the last few weeks, I complained that this same person was bugging the shit out of me.  A friend teased me that this guy was sweet on me.  I laughed it off ... because ... as if.  Why the hell would anyone be sweet on me?

Ugh ... I hate being wrong.  Today he asked if I wanted to ride up to Subway to grab some lunch.  I was in the middle of trying to find some missing code  ... I was frustrated and distracted and I didn't even look up.   I grumbled, "Sure ... whatever" ... and as he walked away he said, "Okay then ... it's a date."  Whoa ... what?

I stopped everything and said, "Hey ... no ... that's not a date ... that's lunch ..." and he just stood there and laughed.  I said, "No ... seriously ... this isn't a date."   He just smirked and said, "You call it what you want ... I'll call it what I want!"  and he walked away.   Fuck.  Really?  No ... just ... no.

It's fine ... I fixed it.  I backed out and made other plans.  Ugh.  The trouble started a couple weeks ago.  He saw a birthday present I had on my desk ... and I think seeing that present made my turning down his game invitation last summer into something personal.   But guess what?  It was personal ... I didn't want to go with that particular person.  Sigh.

Only a few more weeks ... I won't have to deal with this forever.   You know, in retrospect ... this is my fault.  I probably shouldn't have encouraged him about that sign.  Karma, come to find out, is a mean spirited bitch.  I'm very good at being social.  I have an amazing amount of patience.  I can be nice and sweet and polite ... so this will be okay. 

But ... I swear to God ... if he stares at my boobs one more time, I'm going to kick him square in the nuts ...

I got a brand new attitude
And I'm gonna wear it tonight

I'm gonna get in trouble

I wanna start a fight

Pink - So What