Monday, March 25, 2013

Enabling Comments In Three ... Two ...

When I began this blog back in 2004 ... hey, next year will be ten years of blogging, by the way ... anyway, when I started writing, I had comments enabled.  I used to love getting feedback from visitors and other local bloggers ... and I loved answering the various messages that people would leave.  And while my blog isn't world-renowned or famous, I got my share of input.

Well, when everything happened last year, I turned the comments off.   There were some rather intense things going on and I didn't want to give certain people a means of communication.  And I still don't want that communication ... period.  But I do miss having open commenting ...

So ... what to do ... take a chance?  See what happens?  If things go wrong, I can always shut them off again, right?   I am conflicted.  But what the hell ... let's give it a shot.  We'll start with moderated comments ... and if things go well ... well, let's just see where this goes ...

Like a million little doorways
All the choices we made
All the stages we passed through
All the roles we played

For so many different directions
Our separate paths might have turned
With every door that we opened
Every bridge that we burned

Rush - Ghost of a Chance

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