Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Weird, Wacky Wednesday - Part 1

Hey, kids ... ThirtyWhat needs to vent today, okay?  For those with young ears ... or those who don't like profanity ... or how about those who currently think good things about me?  Let's not change that ... instead of reading today's post, why not try out this site.  It's fun and educational!

Okay ... now that that's out of the way  ...

Cocksucking motherfucking two-balled bitch!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  This is what it has come to?  After coming up with personalized maps by designing my own filters ... without even asking about what kind of products I'm creating for our field staff ... you give our work to another state?!  You ignorant pile of horse shit.

I have had just about enough of other people excitedly explaining to me how they're doing something that I've been doing for years.   Really?  You've figured out how to create a map for each supervisor?  No shit.  That's incredible, sunshine.  You're a goddamned genius.  By all means ... take my work ... because it isn't like I've been creating similar, if not better, maps for ... I don't know ... at least five years.

And here's the thing ... ten years ago, management would've been bragging to other states ... look what we're doing ... look what our people created.  Not now.  Now each day is nothing but an exercise in futility.  I had to argue at lunch with someone because they want a computer kept in an empty office ... "just in case."  Just in case what?  I have five open workstations!  If a zombie happens to wander into our office and just randomly starts doing work, they can sit at any one of the five open workstations.

As far as the office goes, today is not a good day.  One state is complaining to me that it will take them a long time to print maps because the program is so slow.   Really?  That's weird ... I know a fix for that problem that will have a map printing in 15 seconds instead of 15 minutes.  Another state wanted me to know that creating an RTF file in Word makes a 20 mg file that is too big for their website?  Really?  That's really odd ... I know a registry fix for MS that makes that same file under 2 mg.  Should I tell someone about these fixes?  Hmmm ... what do we say to death?  Not today.

I don't expect much.  I really don't ... in fact, I expect less and less as the days go by.  I'm like Milton in Office Space ... leave my stapler alone and I'll just keep working.  And yes ... logically I know that as the regional plan proceeds, they are going to take our work away.   It's just hard to be cheerful when it feels like you're being ass raped by a pack of howler monkeys.

I see you driving 'round town
With the girl I love and I'm like
Fuck you
Oo, oo, ooo
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough I'm like
Fuck you
And fuck her too

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You

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