Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bits and Pieces ...

It's hard not to get down.  It's hard to stay cheerful in the face of all this ... mess.  Getting up for work everyday has become a chore.  It isn't fun to go to an office that is nearly empty ... and those who are left are angry and sad and overworked.  We're all basically in a state of shock ... but I heard a little bit of news today that is even more shocking than usual ...

News is starting to spread through the agency about how completely dysfunctional this restructure really is.   Support staff members in New York and Florida have been reassigned to St. Louis.  I'm not sure why that seems so unthinkable to me ... whether I don't want to move 90 minutes away or they don't want to move five states away, it's still an unacceptable relocation.

Worse, my agency spent the last year hiring and moving people to the Colorado office ... only to discover they're now overstaffed.   People who have always worked in Colorado are being told they are required to relocate to Nebraska or California ... while their home office will still be open.  This isn't an apples to oranges situation ... this is apples to apples.  They relocated one person ... and, by doing so, displaced another person who is equally qualified doing the same job.  It would be laughable if there weren't so many lives in pieces ...

The circuit breaker has flipped.  I'm now in a zen state of ... whatever.  The work thing is now almost a buzz ... irritating background noise.  I'm more concerned about my lower back hurting ... I'm really hoping it isn't something kidney-related.   I don't have the time ... or money ... for another lithotripsy treatment right now.   Dear Universe ... I just paid off Springfield Clinic this month ... how about you let me enjoy the debt free status for awhile before I have to set up another payment schedule with them, kay?

And then up comes Zafo
I'm like, "Yo, Zafo. What's up?"
He's like, "Nothin'"
And I'm like, "That's cool."
Cause this is my
United States of Whatever!
And this is my
United States of Whatever!

The Sifl and Olly Show - United States of Whatever


  1. The power of whatever. It's really an amazing thing.

    Hang in there.

  2. Isn't it? Whatever ... as long as you can get your mind there, everything else takes care of itself. :) Hugs!