Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm Wide Awake ... Finally!

When I got sick back in 2011, I was very lucky.  The bleed was in a part of the brain that controls balance ... so my speech wasn't affected ... no paralysis ... no cognitive issues.  Once they stopped the bleeding, the dizziness and vertigo went away and slowly but surely I healed and got back to normal.

The only artifact left from that mess is an occasional dizzy spell.  They did an MRI last summer when I was having some bad headaches ... and said there is no new bleeding ... only scar tissue from the trauma.  Which was wonderful news ... except that the doctors say that scar tissue can cause headaches and dizziness.  So ... it looks like that might be permanent.  It's a downer ... but I'm so blessed that it wasn't worse than that.  I just can't complain.

I have medicine to help with those dizzy spells ... it's called Meclozine.  On a kind of funny unrelated note, for the longest time I couldn't remember Meclozine and could only remember Mescaline ... because yes, doctors frequently prescribe psychedelic cactus buttons to their patients.  But anyhow ... Meclozine for the dizzy spells.  I don't take it very often ... and here is why ...

So after Drive by Truckers ... on the way home ... I started feeling a little dizzy.  About an hour from home, I took a Meclozine and, as always, it helped.  The weird thing about the medicine?  You're fine until you fall asleep.  But once you're asleep ... that's it.  I mean ... that ... is ... it.  You will sleep ... for days.  You fall into a semi-coma and nothing seems as important as sleep.  It's like anesthetic in pill form.

So this morning I got up ... and I feel fine.  No dizziness ... no sleepiness.   But I've basically lost a day.  It's irritating as hell!   Worse?  I was going to get a roast and make Italian beef ... yes, yes I know Memorial Day is usually for grilling out.   It doesn't matter anyway because I forgot my crock pot at work.  Sigh ... that will have to wait for next week, I suppose.  

There's always a silver lining though ... and I'm going to find it.  I'm going to watch a DVD or put a ribeye on the grill ... or maybe brats ... I don't know but I'm going to have a good holiday!  Screw you, Meclozine!  And screw you, Dancing Vickie ... don't think I haven't forgotten about you!
Oh and if you die fearin' God
And painfully employed
You will not go to heaven,
You'll go to Champaign, Illinois

Old 97's - Champaign, Illinois

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