Friday, May 24, 2013

Hell YEAH I'm Happy ...

Wow ... just wow!   Last night my honey took me to see Drive by Truckers in St. Louis ... and it was awesome!  There's just nothing like an entire room full of people screaming, "Hell NO, I ain't happy!" to ... ironically enough ... make you happy!

It's funny ... because when Stoney first gave me a CD and I started listening to DBT, he told me that they're more rock than country ... and right off the bat when I heard Goddamn Lonely Love I fell for them.  But ... they sure as hell sounded country to me.  Well, now I know why he said that ... when you hear them in concert ... they aren't remotely country.  Country is in another town crying tears in its beer while Drive By Truckers is screaming Sink Hole.

I had such a good time.  We had incredible seats ... thanks to Stoney's friend Ben.   I guess my only complaint was that it was extremely cold in the club ... I mean uncomfortably cold.  Of course my top was sheer ... but dammit I'm blaming the venue.   Plus I was wearing sandals ... Stoney had on shorts ... I have no idea how he made it through the night.   He tells me he's just naturally warm and he must be ... because if I had on shorts I would've been lighting the table on fire to stave off hypothermia.

But he let me borrow his t-shirt ... which helped immensely ... and put his arm around me so I could steal some of his heat.  Plus it's hard to be cold when you're sitting there rocking out and singing along to the band.   Once upon a time I worked in a video store.  The owner had a sign by the locked thermostat that said ... "If you're too cold, you aren't moving enough."  As much as I hated that stingy bastard, come to find out he was right.

I guess it's because I'm still tired ... but I just can't say enough about how much fun I had.  Listening to all the songs on his iPod ... the delicious mac and cheese for dinner ... getting to meet his friends ... seeing the band ... the kiss goodnight.  All in all the whole night was a big ol' bucket of win.

On a more personal note ... not tonight ... but in time I may come to forgive Dancing Vickie.  I'll forgive her for being clever enough to bring a sweater. I thought we were sisters in our discomfort, you hootchie tequila-drinking traitor. But it'll be harder to forgive her for being more into the opening act and leaving during DBT.  No amount of awesome shoe wearing will remove that stain from you Vickie.  I am shunning you, Vickie ... naDevvo' yIghoS!

Well, it's not far down to paradise
At least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away
And find tranquility
Oh, the canvas can do miracles
Just you wait and see
Believe me

Christopher Cross - Sailing

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