Sunday, May 12, 2013

So Glad We Went ...

Several months ago, my best friend asked if I wanted to go see Rock of Ages.  The touring company was coming to town and her husband was buying tickets ... and I said sure.  Looking back, I can't remember who asked my guy (who ... from this point and all points forward ... will be referred to as Stoney) if he wanted to go ... I assume it was my best friend since I was wary about asking him to go anywhere for the longest time.  Don't ask ... that's its own post ...

In any case ... the four of us made plans to go in the future ... and it was pretty much forgotten about.  Until last week when she reminded us that the show was tonight.  Ugh ... tonight?   A Monday night? The night before a training school.  The night before the hardest week in the work year.  Here's how the week typically goes ...

Tomorrow I'll train a class solo for the first (and presumably last) time ... even in the best of situations, training days suck donkey balls.  Wednesday I'll work a fourteen hour day ... including eight hours of my normal workday ... followed by another six hours preparing and running an awards banquet.  That day never ends before nine o'clock.  Thursday will be the last day of the school ... which sounds good, right?  But we all work twice as hard because the field staff has to fit all their requests in before they leave.  The word overwhelming is a understatement of epic proportions.  On Friday, those of us who manage to limp our sorry asses into work will slip into a coma and stare at a blank monitor for eight hours ... not moving an inch ... other than going to Xochimillco for margaritas at lunch ... because dammit we earned it.

Wow ... that was a tangent.  How did I get so far off track?  Where was I?  Rock of Ages ... right.  Not a fantastic night for this to go down.  I had work to worry about it ... and Stoney has been having bad back pain .... which is being treated by medication thus explaining the pet name Stoney ... and really should've just gone home and taken it easy.  But ... tickets had been paid for ... and our happy asses were going.

The show started ... and I'm gonna be completely honest ... for the first song or two, I was sitting there ... Stoney had his arm around me and I was thinking, "I would give anything to just go home and watch Mad Men with him ..."  But ... the show progressed ... and I'll be damned if it wasn't fun!  I mean a lot of fun!   Have you seen the movie?  Fuck the movie ... the movie is nothing like the stage show.  The songs are different.  The story line is completely different.  You won't see "Hey Man" ... apparently it was only in the movie because Tom Cruise demanded they add a monkey.  I know ... bizarre, right?  Anyhow ... the musical was just fun!

If you get a chance ... go.  Go see Rock of Ages live.  I would suggest you not go on a Monday night ... or when you have a stressful presentation the next day ... or when your back is killing you ... or even when you're wearing the world's most uncomfortable shoes.   But go!

And even as I wander,
I'm keeping you in sight.
You're a candle in the window,
On a cold, dark winter's night.
And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might.

REO Speedwagon - I Can't Fight This Feeling

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