Tuesday, June 04, 2013

And Bingo Was His Name Oh ...

Today was a series of ups and downs ... but I suppose if you finish the day on an up ... that's all that matters, right?

I've had increasing pain the last few weeks.   Nothing excruciating ... but it's persistent and bothersome.  My nephrologist warned me that long term, pain is inevitable because of the size of the kidneys.  But for now, she thinks it's a stone ... which I'll admit it feels that way.   Not the acute, crying in the fetal position kind ... but the naggy crystal kind.   I've been drinking lots of lemonade hoping to pass it ... but it just isn't happening.  

My function is still around 33% ... which it's been at since last November.  Having the function stable is good ... but since my hands and face are puffy ... she's worried that there's blockage.  So tomorrow morning I go in for a special x-ray that allows them to see if there's a stone and if it's causing blockage.  Hopefully I'll know hear something soon ...

Then on top of that mess, I attended the first of two reassignment teleconferences.  People are angry and lashing out ... and it so stressful.   It's enough to make you want to drink ... that is if you didn't already have kidney issues.

But despite the lows ... my day ended on a happy note.  Stoney grilled out chicken for us ... which was so good.  I baked a dish of scalloped corn to take over ... which is a little funny because it was just an ordinary side dish in my family ... but for his it's more of a holiday thing.  Oh ... I almost forgot.  He also gave me one of the wash cloths his mom knits!  It's so pretty ... way too pretty to use in the kitchen!

So ... once again, I left his house much happier than I was when I arrived.  He has that affect on me.  I also marked off two more squares in bingo ... so it's all good.

He's a teaser, and he's got no heart at all
He's a teaser, and he'll tempt ya 'til ya fall
He's a teaser, and he's got no heart at all
Yeah he'll tempt you 'til you fall

Motley Crue - Teaser

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