Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Which I Am Domesticated ...

Wow ... how quickly things come back to us. Like I said yesterday, I haven't lived with anyone for the last 18 months ... and I was little leery of sharing my space. Well, I only have 24 hours under my belt, but I have a few impressions. It feels ... weirdly familiar.

Tink flew in yesterday. Her flight was late. Then the car rental agency lost her reservation. The poor girl was just having one of those days. I knew she was going straight to the office when she finally got to town ... so I headed home to take care of a few last minute details.

I cleaned out the fridge ... took out the trash (again) ... made a big pot of spaghetti for dinner. Tink called to say she'd be home a little after seven ... and I told her not to hurry ... that dinner would be ready when she got there.

And just like that it all came back to me. How easy it was to make dinner ... to straighten up the house ... fold a load of laundry ... to balance the account ... all while waiting for someone to come home. It felt so ... domestic. I find myself trying to decide what I'll make for dinner tonight. Somehow in 24 hours I've gone from the girl who warned Tink, "I don't cook much anymore so be prepared to eat out ..." to sitting here searching Pinterest for a recipe I used make all the time. Cooking is something I used to love to do ... so it's a nice, familiar feeling.

It's one of the busiest times of the year for the statisticians in my office ... and Tink's really only here to work. Last night she got home at seven ... she'll be lucky to make it home by seven tonight. Tomorrow is her birthday ... I was hoping we could go out to eat to celebrate but it looks like she'll be working late. Saturday is their final date ... so she'll be gone long before I wake up ... and won't be home until they're clean.  There have been times when the guys worked until ten or eleven ... it all just depends on the work flow.

We talked about her schedule last night. She told me to do whatever I normally do ... I think she's worried I'll be sitting home waiting for her.  I gave her keys to the house ... and I guess I'll go to mass Saturday like I normally do? Looks like this week will shape up to be ... well ... pretty much like every other week!

But in the meantime ... let's decide!  What should I make for dinner?  Stromboli?  Taco won tons?  This part is actually pretty fun ...

Hey, hey, good lookin'
Whatcha got cookin'?
How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?

Hank Williams - Hey, Good Lookin'

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