Sunday, June 02, 2013

The World's Hottest Shower In Three ... Two ...

Did you ever have a situation ... where you think ... I'm going to do A ... and then A leads to B ... which leads to C ... and all of a sudden you're halfway through the alphabet and you think ... what the hell just happened?!  That's my weekend in a nutshell ...

Friday night, I decided that I'd waited long enough.  I was tired of not having a television in the living room like normal, respectable people ... and so I made the decision to pull the trigger.   I researched online ... found the one I wanted.  Saturday night I drove around until I found it.

Mom and I brought it home ... we moved the one from the bedroom downstairs ... and that is where the adventure begins.  The brackets on the TV stand that allow you to mount the television wouldn't fit ... there were holes, but they didn't fit the stand.  That was fine ... I set it on top and kept going.

Then I found out that the Comcast disconnected the cable going into the living room last year on accident ... and so I have to have them come back out if I want cable in that room.  Next I bought a sound bar ... thinking I would add surround sound back to the living room ... and the damned thing wouldn't connect the way I wanted to.  Soooo, I had to swap the bedroom/living room surround sound systems ...

It was just one thing after another after another.  I have been working on this since yesterday afternoon ... I'm hot and stinky and tired ... sweet Jesus.  I just want to sit down and relax and watch a movie.  I mean a good movie ... something that isn't painful.

So at this point ... I'm going to take the world's hottest shower, I'm going to make some lemonade ... and then I'm going to watch Game of Thrones and Mad Men ... and pretend that I didn't spend my entire weekend doing the exact same thing I do at work all week.

So I'll meet you at the bottom
If there really is one, they always told me
When you hit it you'll know it
But I've been falling so long
It's like gravity's gone and I'm just floating

Drive by Truckers - Gravity's Gone

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