Saturday, June 01, 2013

Too Tired To Write Complete Sentences ...

Well, last night was family night ... and it went off without a hitch.  And when I say ... it went off without a hitch ... I mean I didn't fall and hit my head on the table.  Yes ... I know how utterly pathetic that sounds ... any evening that doesn't end with me going face first into Formica is a success! 

I decided this morning that I'd dawdled long enough.  It was time to get a television for the living room.  I've spent the last seven months not having people over ... because it's terribly awkward to say, "Would you like to come over and watch a movie with me?  Oh, by the way ... you'll have to lay in bed with me."  Despite the fact that it is genuinely true ... it sounded like the worst pick up line in the world.

Well ... no more.  There is a new TV in my bedroom ... and the bedroom TV is now in the living room downstairs.  I know ... I know ... it's odd and confusing ... but trust me, the switch made sense. Right now, as it stands, the living room still needs to be set up and arranged.  But the bedroom is now good to go.  I wish I weren't so terribly exhausted so I could either finish the living room or actually enjoy everything up here ... but ... hopefully tomorrow.

Between the new television and the appointment to have the piano tuned, I have this weird feeling of accomplishment ... like I'm making progress into getting my life back to normal.  Not even normal ... a better, happier version of normal.  But for now ... I'm going to go make me a big ol' glass of lemonade ... then I'm going to put on my PJ's ... and then I'm gonna watch some Netflix on my brand spanking new TV.

You know ... now that I'm sitting here thinking about it ... I may have really done myself a disservice tonight.  I've lost my lame, yet successful, come on line.  How am I gonna get him into my bedroom now?  "Wanna come upstairs and check out my Doctor Who print?"  Crap ... I'm gonna have to work on some new material ... 

Come upstairs
We'll be all alone

Come upstairs

No one will know

Carly Simon - Come Upstairs

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