Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Goodnight Moon ...

I'm in bed ... relaxed and happy.  Today Stoney picked me up after work and drove me to the cemetery to help me find where my best friend was buried.  He'd gone ahead of time to check things out ... so when we drove over, he was able to walk me right where we needed to go.

I'd been worried all day ... afraid I was going to have some kind of embarrassing melt down in front of him.  I was worried (once again) for nothing.  Oak Ridge was peaceful ... and I didn't feel that crushing sense of loss like I expected.   We sat for awhile on a bench and talked.  I left her a teddy bear ... and it felt really good to visit her ... but her spirit isn't there.  She's at peace now.

We had dinner, stopped by Cherry Berry, and ended the evening driving around listening to music.  We spent a lot of time talking and laughing.  He made what could've been a sad night a whole lot better.

So ... I can't keep my eyes open and it's time to doze off.  But it's been a good night ...

After the rain
Washes away the tears
And all the pain
Only after the rain
You live again

Nelson - After the Rain

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