Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pick ... Cut ... Paste ... Repeat ...

So ... let's talk about scrapbooking!

Yesterday was my first foray into the world of scrapbooking and it was ... overwhelming.  People were bringing flatbed carts full of supplies ... paper and stickers and markers.  Our friend, Pinky, has ten ... you read that right ... ten different pairs of scissors.  What?  I don't even understand that.  Scissors cut ... what exactly do you need them to do that require ten different variations?

Several people even brought elaborate machines.  These machines are the size of large ink-jet printers ... but instead of printing, they cut paper into intricate designs.  It basically allows you to make custom stickers or create elaborate background pages.  Pinky helped me make a banana and a palm tree.  Don't get me wrong ... the end result was neat!  But I don't see myself investing a couple hundred dollars in a machine to make a paper banana ... when I could buy a whole strip of banana stickers for a buck.

Anyhow ... I'm conflicted about the whole idea of scrapbooking.  I'm not talking about the money aspect of it ... although spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to make a photo album is mind boggling.  No, I'm talking about the fundamental purpose behind it all.

Without meaning to, the woman who taught the "beginners class" pointed out my dilemma.  She said, "Don't worry about how pretty your pages are or what they look like compared to other people's pages ... because the only thing that matters is that you're creating something that you can leave behind for your loved ones.  Ugh ... well ... there's the problem.

My family is small.  We're very ... compact.  I didn't have any children ... my half-brother didn't have any children.  Neither did my favorite aunt or three of my cousins.  When I go, whatever time and love and care I have put into making a scrapbook won't matter.  They'll still wind up in a landfill.

I've been invited to another event in October ... and from where I'm standing, I figure I can make  four books.  I have my baby pictures ... antique photos of my Mom's side ... antique photos of my Dad's side ... and then for the fourth, I suppose I could make one for my brother with his baby pictures.  But after that?   I've got nothing.

I had a lot of fun ... and I loved spending the day with everyone.  So ... if I'm gonna make this a hobby, I guess I'd better really take my time making these four books ...

Picture book
Pictures of your mama
Taken by your papa
A long time ago
Picture book
Of people with each other
To prove they love each other
A long time ago

The Kinks - Picture Book


  1. Idiots Anonymous11:39 PM

    That's when you go do a scrapbook about your dogs. :)

  2. Well, I could do one about the pups ... plus I have a hard drive FULL of pictures of you girls on vacations and such. Some day I'll suck it up and go through the digital pictures and make each one of you a book. It won't have your baby pictures, of course ... you guys have those ... but it'll have the years after I came in the picture. :D