Monday, August 12, 2013

Won't Someone Think of Gucci?!

No ... not that Gucci.  As if that Gucci needs saving!  No ... I'm talking about Gucci the chihuahua!  Have you watched last week's episode of the Soup? 

Tonight I was hanging out at Stoney's and we were watching a few things that I've missed last week ... like the amazeballs Colbert Report with him dancing to Daft Punk ... and Robin Thicke performing Blurred Lines on the same episode.  When that was over, I think we watched the short Duck Dynasty preview.   Then ... then he put on The Soup ... and I saw this ...

When, Lord ... when?  When is gonna be Gucci's time?  Dude!  Chihuahua's are tiny!  They got tiny bones!  You can't go throwing them around like that!  Did you see the air he put on that dog?! 

Look at that!  Okay ... sure, dogs can swim.  But that water was only a foot or so deep!  There's a good chance Gucci ended up ass first on the ocean floor! 

In case you're curious, it's a clip from a television show called "I'm a Stripper" ... don't bother looking for it on your local listings.  It's on a channel called OUT-tv and offers shows like, "Don't Quit your Gay Job" and "Queer of the Year."

No, I'm not joking.  Oh, how I wish I were joking.  Don't misunderstand me.  I don't care that there's a gay channel ... but isn't that programming demeaning as hell?  I mean, there's more than one network "for women" ... but you don't see programming like, "Wipe Your Mouth His Mom's Coming Over."

Um ... sorry ... I digress.  We want justice! We want justice for Gucci!  Where the hell is Sarah McLachlan?  Won't someone intercede before we find him floating tits up???

In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

Sarah McLachlan - Arms of the Angel

PS - As I'm sure you can tell by the level of emo-angst going on around here lately, I had a hard couple days.  Sorry about that ... I was letting myself dwell on a lot of things.  I think I'm better. 

Despite having a fairly shitty day himself, Stoney invited me over after work.  I cooked us a little dinner.  Nothing fancy at all ... but I'm weird ... and cooking cheers me up.  Just hanging out ... looking at his travel pictures ... watching a little Chasing Amy ... it was a really good night. 

So ... thanks for spending the evening with me, hon ... you're the best.  Hmmm ... looks like I did write a post saying how awesome you are ...

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