Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Wish You Were The One That Got Away - iThirtyWhat

Welcome to iThirtyWhat ... week four!

In week one we listened to Imagine Dragons and Radioactive ... in week two we listened to Mickey Avalon and Stroke Me ... in week three we listened to Get Lucky ... and in week four we learn that sharing is fun!

Buckle your seat belt!  Here we go!  This week on iThirtyWhat ... I give you:  The Civil Wars and I Wish You Were the One That Got Away ...

Backstory:   I told you sharing was a good thing ... and this week I'm gonna prove it's true.  Scrivener, of Friday 5 fame, left a comment a couple weeks ago sharing his song of the moment ... "The One That got Away."   I loved it so much that I shared it with Stoney that very night ... or maybe the next ... and I've been listening to it ever since.

Well, not constantly, if I'm being honest.  This isn't really an "ear worm" type of song for me ... it's too painful for that.   I'm past sitting around mourning my lost youth and regretting my bad decisions ... but when you hear a song like this you can't help but dwell on things that went wrong.  Hell, by this age we've all had bad relationships in our past ... how bad just becomes a matter of degrees ...

I was sitting at Prompt Care this weekend when a commercial for Ravenwood came on ABC Family.  The background music was this song ... so it's catching on, Scrivener.  It's so sad and soulful ... I'm full expecting to see it in on a trailer for Walking Dead or True Detectives any day now.

Now ... speaking of sharing ... let's have a special "runner up" category.   What's going around the Internet right now?  Want to be on the cutting edge of crazy shit?   Stephalopolis (aka College One) would like someone to answer the simple question ... "What does the fox say?!"

I'd like to answer that question ... in the form of another question.  Stephalopolis, hon ... I love you so much ... but what the hell are you on?

Oh, if I could go back in time
When you only held me in my mind
Just a longing gone without a trace
Oh, I wish I'd never ever seen your face
I wish you were the one
Wish you were the one that got away

The Civil Wars -
I Wish You Were The One That Got Away


  1. Miniature Moose3:02 AM

    Yay! I am so happy your "Sharing is Caring" song this week is by The Civil Wars. I first heard their songs last year, and they're now one of my favorite bands. If you haven't listened to their entire albums yet I highly suggest it.

    As far as "Sharing is Caring" music, there have been 2 songs I can't stop listening to lately. The first is "Phoenix" by Fall Out Boy. It's the first track on their new album, and is just an adrenaline rush from the first note.

    The second is "Say Something" by A Great Big World. I saw a dance piece that used this song last week, and it's just so beautiful and sad.

  2. I've listened to several Civil Wars songs since I heard this one ... and they have a beautiful sound. I think I'm going to take your advice and listen to their albums. I love their voices.

    Okay ... first ... "Phoenix." You know I used to looove Fall Out Boy. I think I listened to "This Ain't A Scene" and "Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name of This Song" about a million times. But Phoenix just is kind of ... meh. It doesn't have the hook that caught me right off the bat? But I can see if I listened to it more than once that it would grow on me. :)

    "Say Something" ... good Lord. I thought that Civil Wars song was sad??? "Say something I'm giving up on you ..." it makes me want to cry. It's horribly heart wrenching. I need to have Stoney listen to it. He has the most unspeakably sad songs in the world on his iPod ... songs that just want to make you shotgun a bottle of NyQuil and call it a day. "Say Something" would fit right in ...