Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Six #494

Saturday Six

1. Which brand of cell phone do you use? - I use AT&T ... I have an iPhone 4S.  His name is Lemmiwinks.  Why Lemmiwinks?  Because getting an iPhone was a long, strange journey ... but I finally pulled him outta my ass ...

2. Which brand of phone did you use for your very first mobile phone? - The very first cellphone I ever had was with Sprint ... and it was so bad.  Of course back then there weren't as many cell towers ... but coverage was beyond awful.  I would be driving along I-55 and have signal ... and before I hit the end of the exit ramp, I would lose service.   It was damn-near useless.  But ... I had a year's service contract ... and let me tell you, that was the longest year ever ...

3. What year did you first own a cell or mobile phone? - I think it was around 2000?   I remember wanting one because the girls were playing sports ... so I'm thinking they were in junior high?  There were Saturday out-of-town games and we needed a way to coordinate where everyone was.  The first carrier I tried was Sprint who, like I said, was useless.  Then we switched to AT&T because that's who the girls and their mom were with ... and who I've been with ever since.

4. What year did you buy your first smartphone? - Well, I had one of the old roller ball Blackberry phones for several years.  Technically it was a smart phone ... but I didn't pay for data.  Then in early 2012, I upgraded to an Android.  It was nice ... very nice, in fact ... but still not what I really wanted.  So this year ... I got my iPhone.  It's everything I've ever dreamed it would be ... and so much more.  I'm like an iPhone evangelist ... change your Android ways ... buy Apple, my brothers and sisters!

5. How many apps do you have installed on your phone at the moment? - Just for grins, I took out my iPhone just now counted ... I'm have 44 apps installed.  Is that a lot?  It sounds like a lot.  I can't help it ... I need things!  Don't you judge me!

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your cellular provider? -  I have terrible cell coverage at my house, but that isn't AT&T's fault.  I'd say overall I'm a nine.  What would make me a ten?   If they started offering roll over data usage the way they have roll over phone minutes.  Do THAT for me ... and I'll get an AT&T tramp stamp on my ass.

Oh, can't you see
You belong to me
How my poor heart aches
With every step you take

The Police - Every Breath You Take

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