Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five: Skin

It's my first unemployed Friday 5! 

I've been busy today!  I made two batches of candy meth.  The first batch was absolutely beautiful ... sky blue and cherry flavored.   The second batch ... wasn't quite so successful.  It's thin and it cracked beautifully ... but the peach-flavored extract I bought wasn't clear.  The pinkish tint affected the product ... and it came out more of an aqua/green than sky blue.  Don't get me wrong ... it's tasty as hell!  But if I were Heisenburg?  I'd pitch that shit out and start over. 

Sadly?  I'm not Heisenburg ... I'm poor ... and sugar ain't free.  So the aqua green candy stays ... and I'll just make a third batch for Stoney's party on Sunday.   Maybe this will be my new post-employment life ... making tiny bags of candy meth!   Hmmm ... wonder where can I get me a pork pie hat?

The Friday 5 

1.  How would you describe your skin? - Meh ... it's neither terrible ... nor is it awesome.  I'm a fair-skinned redhead ... so I tend to be ruddy.  If I don't wear foundation, I'll have reddish splotches on my cheeks.  All in all I've been fairly blessed skin-wise ... so I hate to complain.

2.  As a teenager, what was your acne like?-  I hate to be one of "those people" ... but when I was a teenager?  My skin was perfect.  Sure I had the occasional pimple ... but my drama coach once said my skin was like peaches and cream.  I only used makeup the last year or so of high school ... mainly for special occasions.  My older brother had terrible cystic acne ... so I knew how bad it could be ... and I knew to be grateful.

3.  When did you last escape something by the skin of your teeth? - I don't really have an answer for this?  I wanted to think I escaped an extended family dinner ... but no ... they just rescheduled it.  I rarely see my Dad's side of the family ... and I'm really not looking forward to this.  The upside?  I should have an interesting post on Monday night ...

4.  What most recently gave you goose bumps? - I'll share ... but I know it sounds crazy.  I was downstairs, washing up my measuring cups and pans after making a batch of candy ... and I thought I heard someone call my name.  It was soft ... but it was clear as day.  I got goose bumps ... but then I started thinking paranoid thoughts ... what if someone was in the house?   I walked through the rooms on the main floor ... then went down to the basement and looked around.  I think I might be taking this role of Jesse Pinkman too far ...

5.  When did you last burn yourself? - Oddly enough?  Not more than an hour ago.  I was making another batch of sugar meth ... and for some stupid reason I touched the molten candy I'd just poured onto the pan.  In my head, I was thinking I would stretch it out thinner?  But no ... I just burned my thumb so badly I had to stick my hand into a bucket of ice.  Sure it hurt.  But hey ... you wanna make an omelet?  You gotta break a few eggs.

Oh, look at my face
My name is might have been
My name is never was
My name's forgotten

Hole - Celebrity Skin

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