Monday, September 09, 2013

Some Jammies and Some Makeup and Some Emergency Chocolate ...

HO ... LEE ... CRAP.   I have such great news that I want to squeal and squeee and be the girliest girl that ever girled!  Of course ... I do have a reputation to uphold.  I have to play it cool ... and be like ... whatever.  But inside?  Squeeeeeeeeee!

So what are we gonna do??  I tell ya what we're gonna do!  We're gonna go inside a bubble ... and inside this bubble I'm gonna be all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and fairies.  And nobody is gonna judge me if my bubble is all pink and shiny, alright?   One little step inside the bubble ... then we're out and back to normal, alright?

} pop {

Earlier today Stoney told me he had a gift for me ... but not to get overly excited because it wasn't anything big ... he didn't want me to be disappointed.  So I went through the day pondering ... hmmmm ... a gift!   I got to his house after work to find ... he'd made space for me in his dresser and gave me a drawer ... and made space for me in his closet.  Holy crap ... I mean ... holy crap!

I learned my lesson a month or two ago when he gave a house key and I developed brain freeze.  I stared at it for a moment ... my mind blank other than the words, "That looks like a ... no ... really ... a key ... to what ... it looks like a house key but ... no ... really???"  This time I skipped past the brain freeze and moved directly towards jumping on top of him and smothering him with kisses!

He tells me I can keep jammies and anything I want over there ... although I teased him that I'm going to fill my drawer with candy!   Holy crow!   I have a drawer!  I don't even know what to put in my drawer!   Maybe a t-shirt and some undies?   Holy crow!!

Since he had a gift for me, I had a little present for him too ...

His name is Lil' Stoney ... and, while not as adorable as Stoney, he serves as a tiny little stand-in for my favorite guy.   One of his friends at work has one of these figures of her husband ... and Stoney loved it.   So I looked the company up online and got one ordered back in June.  He was in my closet for a couple months ... and on my dresser the last week or two. 

I originally ordered it thinking it would make a great Christmas present ... but, as I wrote before, I am horrible at having gifts for people and not giving them.  So I put together all these thoughts of clever ways to surprise him ... having First Wife sneak it onto his desk ... having his friend take a photo of it with her husband's figure ... even something as simple as balancing him on top of Stoney's television.   But when I saw my drawer, all those thoughts flew out the window and I was like, "I have something I must give you! Now!"

So, anyhow ... after my wonderful evening ... I'm going to bed with a smile!  And happy thoughts of what I can put in my drawer ... besides candy, of course!  Squeeee!

} pop {

Okay ... back to normal.  I had a good night ... it's cool.  You know ... whatever!

I feel wonderful because I see
The love that's in your eyes.
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize
How much I love you

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

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