Thursday, September 12, 2013

T Minus 5 And Counting ...

No one is perfect ... and even though we may aspire to be sunshine and light and goodness all the time, we all have moments when we give in to our lesser angels.  Today is one of those days for me. 

I was busy all morning.  I was working genuinely hard putting together numbers and various releases to create a publication ... when I found out a bit of news that really got to me.   I know I'm being petty ... and I'm not proud of it.

Yesterday one of my co-workers, a woman we'll call Grumpy Cat, was offered a part-time, temporary contractual position doing time and attendance duties for our field staff.  It's only two or three days a week ... no health insurance ... no paid vacations ... no benefits of any kind.   She kept it to herself until this morning because she didn't want to make anyone mad ... but she's giddy that she gets to come back and work after the office has officially closed on the 20th.

I should be happy for Grumpy Cat ... and I am.  But part of me is petty and my feelings are hurt.

First off, I know it isn't anything personal.  They haven't hired an admin tech for the regional office and she knows how to work the timekeeping system.  It's simply a matter of needing someone to do the work until they can get someone hired in St. Louis and she knows the system.  I get that.

I also get that the last thing I need is a two-day-a-week temporary job with no benefits.  Money isn't going to be the immediate issue ... insurance is ... and a part time contractual position won't solve that issue.  I know that ... and yet ...

I just feel slighted.  I don't necessarily want to go to the party ... but I would've liked to have been invited.  If they came to me tomorrow and asked me to stay on contractually, I don't even know that I would.  But the fact that they asked the most negative, hostile person in the office to stay on and help ... and then tried to keep it secret?  I'm not feeling the love right now.

I'm sure next Friday will be sad and difficult ... but I can't lie. Each day they're making it a little easier to walk away.

Don't Walk Away
Or are you looking for a price to pay
Is that your master plan
Don't Walk Away
I'll do everything to make you stay
I've got to make a stand
Don't Walk Away
I'm not afraid
Don't Walk Away

Rick Springfield - Don't Walk Away

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