Friday, September 13, 2013

No Act of Charity Goes Unresented ...

It's been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over ... and expecting different results. Truer words have never been spoken.

Last year I separated out the large tub of Christmas ornaments.  I gave the girls theirs, kept mine, and boxed up my ex's.  I stuck them in the trunk of my car thinking I'd run into him at some point and give them to him ... but it didn't happen.  So for ten months or so, they've stayed in my trunk.  For whatever reason, this bothered my Mom.

I told her to let this go ... I've been telling her to let this go for nearly a year now ... but she believed she was doing a good thing.  Mom wanted to give my ex his box of ornaments ... in the sincere hope that Stoney and I would have a peaceful holiday without him bothering anyone.

She was being generous, I assure you ... because if it was up to me, I would've put the box behind the real wheel of my car, put it in reverse, and been done with the whole lot.  Trying to be a good Samaritan, she drove over to his work today and dropped off the box ... but he didn't react well to her act of generosity.  He wasn't happy that she was there.  Oh, but the story doesn't end there ...

What did she get for her act of kindness?

After dinner tonight, Stoney, First Wife, and I were standing outside of the restaurant just talking when my phone started blowing up.   My ex-mother-in-law sent a long, nasty message to my Mother and me ... telling us, among other things, that we should've asked her permission before giving him that box of ornaments.  In a nutshell, she blames me and my mom and the girls for his full mental breakdown of a couple years ago ... we're horrible people ... and we should just leave him alone.

Woman ... I am the one who was called by his psychiatrist at six o'clock at night and was advised to get an order of protection as soon as possible.  I am the one who went to court and was given an order of protection for one full year ... because the judge specifically said they needed to keep me safe while I filed for a divorce.  I am the one who had to go to court over and over when he broke the order of protection twice and spent over thirty days in jail.   I haven't seen your son since February of 2012 ... and you want me ... to stay away from him?  Ohhhhhkaaaay then. 

My Mom is heartbroken.  She thought she was doing something nice ... and it has blown up in her face spectacularly.   When I was driving home from the restaurant, I called her to try and tamp down the fire ... but the longer I drove, the angrier I got.   No good deed goes unpunished, huh?  I'm frustrated because I told her not to do this ... and I'm frustrated because once again I'm having to deal with these people!

At this point, it doesn't matter what I find of his in this house ... they won't be getting anything.  Period.  I'm done with the drama.   I hope they're happy on that side of the river, cause they've burned the bridge and I'm pissing on the ashes.   The only thing left to do is to go downstairs and make a peach daiquiri ... thank God it's Friday.

In other, much better news ... I think Stoney and I have had our first picture taken together?  Which I suppose is odd because we've been dating awhile.  But to be fair, tonight was the first thing we've done with someone else in a long time.  It was the first opportunity to say, "Hey, First Wife!  Will you take a picture??"  Anyhow ... momentous night ... mazel tov to us!

Oh, won't you please, please
Take another picture
Please, please freeze my features
Oh, won't you please, please
Take another
I don't want to fade away

Quarterflash - Take Another Picture


  1. Pissing on the ashes. I just--hm. Can a woman DO that?

  2. Miniature Moose1:30 AM

    I assume if she squats low enough and moves her pants out of the way, a woman could piss on some ashes. As a bonus, she could moon the people who burned that bridge.

    As a side note, I literally gave a double bird when I read what the ex-mother-in-law said. I never claimed I was classy.

  3. Miniature Moose ... I've read and re-read the conversation a dozen times now and it makes no sense. Next time I see you, I'll let you read it all. There was more to her diatribe but I didn't think anyone wanted to hear her delusional horse shit.

    Did you know that I'm a bad person for giving him the choice to be there when they put Maggie down? I was putting my dog to sleep and I promise you he was the last person I wanted to deal with that day ... but I thought I was making a sacrifice and doing the "right thing."

    I can't lie ... that part made me cry last night. But that's okay ... because those are the last tears they'll get from me.

    And Scrivener ... no. Normally not. But given these people, I will find a way ...