Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold ...

Stoney was sweet yesterday and invited me over for dinner.  He was making tacos ... and he knows my deep and abiding love of tacos.  I was backing out of the driveway to head over, I got a text message saying he was running late ... but to go ahead over to the house and he'd be home shortly.   I stopped for a gift card ... then stopped again to pick up a birthday card.  I figured I could waste a little time ... give him time to beat me home.

I pulled up in his driveway.  I expected the garage door to be open ... but no.  The blinds were shut.  Despite my dilly-dallying, I'd beaten him home.  I knocked on the door and twisted the knob to be sure.  It was locked.  For a split second, I considered going back and getting in the car ... driving around for awhile.  But I decided to get out my keys instead ... and I went inside.

His house was dark ... and smelled so good, as usual.  I have a habit of talking to myself ... and I said something along the lines of, "This feels weird ... and so cool!"  I set my bags down and started to kick my shoes off ... when he jumped around the corner.

I screamed bloody murder.

He quickly came over and hugged me ... while I threatened to leave.  He was laughing ... and kissed my head and said he was just playing.  It took me a minute to stop seriously wanting to hit him ... and a couple of minutes of me yelling, "You suck!" at him ... but eventually we both were laughing.   But now we both know.  He knows I don't like being scared ... and I know to open the goddamned garage door and check for the car.

Fool me once, mister.  And for the record, I might have left ... if I didn't love tacos so goddamned much.

PS ... My second interview is in one hour ... expect an update post later!  Wish me luck, Internets!  I need me a job!

My my my, I'm once bitten twice shy, baby
My my my, I'm once bitten twice shy, baby
My my my, I'm once bitten twice shy, baby

Great White -
Once Bitten Twice Shy

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