Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Six #497

Well, I got two pieces of mail today ... one disappointing and the other cheerful.  I'm choosing to focus on the cheerful.

Part one ... I went to the mailbox to find a second letter from unemployment.  This one, like the first, says I'm not eligible for unemployment compensation, although it doesn't say why.  It says I need to call for more information ... which isn't terribly convenient given the letter was delivered on a Saturday.  I was told I was approved ... I was sent a debit card ... I was told it was just a matter of waiting for the state to verify my income with the feds.  I don't know if this is just another snag or what ... but I'd be lying if I said I'm not beyond frustrated.

Part two ... I came upstairs and dozed off for a bit.  When I woke up I had an e-mail ... my official "offer of employment" from CSC.  There's several attachments ... forms I need to fill out ... a handbook that I need to read.  I can't begin to tell you how comforting it was to read all that minutia.  Bills may be on hold until everything starts to come together ... but things are going to come together.  I just have to be patient.  Lately that's been my only option ... to just be patient.

Saturday Six

1. Which store is your favorite place to buy the most of your groceries? - I shop at several stores.  I guess I spend most of my money at Shop n Save ... but I love County Market.  If money were no object?  I'd probably pick County Market as my go-to store.  I occasionally go to Schnucks because they have a couple items I can't get anywhere else.  Oh, and every now and again I get my groceries from Walmart ... mainly when I have another excuse for driving to the far edge of town. 

2. Does that store offer some sort of discount card and, if so, do you have one?
- I have a "Max Card" at County Market ... and, although Shop n Save doesn't have a loyalty card, they are having a stamp promotion.  Collect enough stamps and you can trade them in for knives.  If you knew my  neighborhood, you would appreciate the irony of them handing out free knives. 

3. What’s the number one reason this grocery store happens to be your favorite?
- I primarily go to Shop n Save because it's about six blocks from my house.  I have a bad habit of not doing one big weekly shop like everyone else does ... but going every few days and getting a couple meals worth of provisions at a time.  I don't know what my problem is ... it isn't a money thing.  Whether I spend $25 four times a week or $100 once a week ... it's all the same.  I guess I've gotten used to thinking, "I want to make chicken tonight," grabbing my keys, and running up to the store for chicken.

4. Do you wipe off your shopping cart with one of those sanitizing wipes stores now place next to the carts, or do you secretly snigger at those who do? - The first person who wiped a cart in front of me was my Mom.  She stopped and wiped the handle and basket down ... and I thought it was ridiculous.  Then she explained that people sit babies in those front areas ... babies who have dirty diapers.  Since then, when I see a dispenser of wipes?  Yeah ... I wipe it down.  I can accept people judging me easier than I can accept poop.

5. Do you prefer paper, plastic or reusable cloth bags?
- I prefer my reusable bags ... but I don't always remember to take them with me.  So, when that happens, I use plastic.  I realize it's bad for the environment ... but unfortunately paper bags don't have handles.  And let's face it ... I'm neither graceful nor well-balanced even in the best of situations.  I need all the help I can get.

6. Which section of the store (i.e., frozen, produce, meat, etc.) do you buy from most often? - Well, in the last couple weeks, I've shopped more in the baking section that anywhere else.  I buy a lot from the deli ... turkey and corned beef ... salami ... roast beef ... different cheeses ... breads.  I buy a lot of fresh meat ... pasta.  I can't deny it though ... I do shop in the frozen food aisle ... frozen pizzas, tater tots, and what not.  I know I should shop more in the produce aisle ... but bad habits are hard to break.

Say hey, good lookin' - what ya got cookin'?
How's about cooking somethin' up with me?
Hey, sweet baby - don't you think maybe
We can find us a brand new recipe?

Hank Williams - Hey Good Lookin'


  1. Oh, my... I never thought about babies with dirty diapers in the carts! Now I'm going to make sure I wipe down my cart before I use it!

  2. I'm sure I rolled my eyes or had a look before Mom explained why she did it. She has a valid point ... people DO sit their children in that seat ... and if there's an accident, be it pee or poo ... you're going to be sitting your bread and eggs in the area where that's been. Good enough reason as any to take the extra 30 seconds to wipe down a few things. You learn something new everyday, huh? Haha. :)