Saturday, October 12, 2013

Silver ... Again ...

I lost.  Again.  I had every intention of winning.
Victory was so close ... I could taste it.

I stayed up rather late last night.  I've stayed up later ... but I was sleepy and keeping my eyes open was a struggle.  But I knew ... sleep or no sleep ... I had to set my alarm.  I had to be up early.  I had a plan ...

Stoney and I occasionally go to early movies on the weekends.  Why?  It's cheaper ... there are far (far) less people ... and, although eleven thirty on a Saturday may not sound romantic, I would beg to differ.  Sitting in the back row hugging somebody special is pretty sweet.

In any case ... he has a way of always getting to the theater before me.  In fact, now that we're talking about it?  He gets everywhere before me.  This may be a shortcoming of mine.  Maybe not.  We'll talk about that some other time.

It's true that he lives on the west side ... so he's much closer.  But distance isn't the issue.  It doesn't seem to matter where we're going ... or when I leave my house ... he always beats me.  But not today.  Today was going to be different.

At nine o'clock, I heard soft wind chimes.  So soft you almost couldn't hear them.  I woke up enough to realize that I'd fallen asleep with my phone in my bed ... and a pillow was muffling my alarm.  I woke up ... threw on some clothes ... made the bed ... and was on the road by ten o'clock.  I stopped and got a soda on the way and ... I have to admit ... I was already gloating in my head.

I'd already planned out what I was going to do.  I was going to park facing the drive coming in ... I was going to sit and drink my soda and read my new book ... and when I saw him drive up, I was going to wink and point my finger at him in a cute, "Gotcha!" way.   I drove down Koke Mill Road savoring my Cherry Coke ... and savoring the sweet, sweet victory that was already in my grasp.

I pulled up in the lot ... and from a distance I could see a Toyota ... parked facing the road.  It was silver.  It was a two door.  It couldn't be.  I was more than a half hour early.  I got close enough to read the license plate and I stopped in the middle of the aisle.  Motherfucker!

He not only beat me ... he was laughing.

I honestly don't know what I have to do at this point.  Sleep there???  It's true that occasionally I have an issue with being places on time.  I'm never terribly late ... but no matter how hard I try, it seems like I always find myself running five or ten minutes behind.  

But not this morning.  This morning I was early.  So early!

As God as my witness, I will beat him next time.  I don't know how I'm going to do it.  I'm already setting alarms to wake up ... meanwhile, he's awake and out running errands and just driving around to kill time.  I'm afraid my only option is to rent an RV, park it in the movie theater lot, and live there ... wonder if they would apply any rental charges to my Stubs card??

Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?
(Double-barrel buckshot)
Soy un perdidor
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

Beck - Loser

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