Tuesday, November 12, 2013


After work tonight, I stopped by the mall to pick up a birthday present for J.   Okay fine ... another present for J.  We already have one ... but when I found out his new squeeze will be attending dinner tomorrow night, I decided Stoney and I needed to step up our game and get him something else.  Yes, yes ... I'm shallow.  But you only have one chance at a first impression and I didn't want her first impression of us to be, "Those cheap bastards!"

In any case, the point is that I went to the mall.  Today is November 12th.  There are still sixteen days until Thanksgiving.  Why does this matter?  Because when I walked up to the doors, I was greeted by the Beach Boys singing, "Little Saint Nick."  I thought ... this has got to be a mistake, right?  Wrong.

The entire mall is entirely decked ... all the gigantic Christmas balls ... the twinkling lights ... the glitter ... it's all there.   Every song that's piped in is a Christmas song.   And the cherry on top?  Santa is already sitting on his throne.   It's November 12th!!

I don't want to be a Grinch over here ... but common.  Really??  If we're starting this now, isn't everyone going to be burned out long before Christmas is really here?

I think it bothers me because last year I did my best to ignore that there was a holiday season.  I enjoyed Stoney's Christmas tree immensely ... but I didn't put one up here.  I barely bought Christmas presents.  I remember walking through the store physically cringing when I heard Christmas music.  This year I want it to be different ... I want to enjoy the season.  Last night's snow was a good first step ... I guess we'll see where the holiday spirit takes us ...

Well way up north where the air gets cold
There's a tale about Christmas
That you've all been told
And a real famous cat all dressed up in red
All he spends all year workin' out on his sled

Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick

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