Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Five: Broken

Well, today marked the end of the second week at my new job.  Our boss decided to give two people the day off ... so it was only me and one other team member working on the corporate side.  The morning was ... not pleasant.  I was harried and a nervous wreck.  I made two mistakes ... one big enough the CSR called to politely tell me how to mark something correctly and re-file it.  But that mistake was the turning point ...

I went to lunch, paid a couple loans ... stopped and got a Strawberry Fanta ... and then drove back to the office to sit in my car and ruminate.  Yup ... I made a mistake.  But I fixed it ... and if I just went slowly and worked my way through the list, everything would be alright.  I could do this.

So I went back in and everything was different.  We were still swamped until around three o'clock or so ... but it wasn't that bad.  I just went from one order to the next ... and didn't panic.  I didn't mess anything up all afternoon.   Not a bad way to the end the week.   I have a hot date tomorrow with a tall, handsome guy ...  and if I play my cards right?  Maybe he'll hold my hand during the movieHey, I'm a woman of simple needs ...

The Friday 5 

1. What’s the story behind your most recent broken dish? - I haven't broken anything for awhile.  Several months ago, I'd been drinking peach daiquiri out of a wine glass.  I'd had a hard day at work.  Don't judge me.  Anyhow, I washed it and set it on top of the dishwasher to dry.  I don't know what I was doing, but the next day I bumped the dishwasher and the glass fell off and shattered.  I figured it was God's way of saying, "Hey! Your kidneys don't work ... maybe becoming a wino isn't a path you should be considering."

2. What’s the story behind your most recent broken promise? - I promised myself, and this blog, that I would stop bitching about J ... that no matter what he said or did, I would just let it run off my back.  Then ... he decided to dial it to eleven.   It was either bitch about him here ... or start taking Xanax.  Since I don't have health insurance for another six weeks?  Yeah, you guys are gonna have to suck it up and listen.  Sorry about that ...

3. When did you last cause a room of people to break out into laughter? - I can't honestly remember.  I remember being at MCL with all our friends ... and telling a story about my best friend's brothers being so drunk they started pissing into a fan.  That story was pretty popular ... and 100% true.  But that's been about four months ago now.  I'm sure I've said something since then to make people laugh but nothing is coming to mind ...

4. What’s something you should probably put the brakes on? - Going out to eat at lunch.  I was just talking to Stoney about this.  It isn't just the cost of eating outI'm already burning a lot more gas because I'm driving back and forth across town everyday.  Now I'm burning gas out driving around at lunch because I'm bored.  This is getting pricey.  I'm going to have to be disciplined and make myself stay in.

5. When were you last out of doors at the break of dawn? - HAH ... the closest I think I'm gonna get to this ... over a year ago, Stoney took me with him to see Springsteen in Chicago.  We drove home that night ... I didn't remotely know him well enough to suggest otherwise ... and we got back about five or five thirty in the morning.  Was dawn breaking when we got here?  I can't remember ... but that's gonna be the closest I've been to seeing dawn in quite awhile ... and I hadn't been asleep yet.

Someday girl I don't know when
We're gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go
And we'll walk in the sun
But till then tramps like us
Baby we were born to run
Springsteen - Born To Run

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