Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five: Signs

Today marked the end of week three.  And I am ... exhausted.  I'm not sure why.  We stayed out kinda late (late for us) on Monday and Wednesday nights ... but for whatever reason I've felt like I've been  dragging ass all day.   I'm running a little fever tonight ... so maybe it's a bug?  I don't know ... I bought some orange juice after work and I'm hoping I can sleep whatever this is off tonight ...

The Friday 5 

1.  Who is the most unyielding person you know? - My mom.  She gets into a pattern and it's hard to get her to bend.  If I start calling her after work, I'd better call her every night after I get off work or she panics.  If I tell her I'm going to come over?  By God I'd better come over or else she'll make life miserable for me and everyone in a 20 mile radius.  She was always like that to a point ... but it's gotten worse over the years.

2.  Where did you last experience an unexpected soft shoulder? - I know what a soft shoulder is in driving parlance ... a graveled area on the side of the road where you can safely pull off.  But other than that?  I'm not sure what that means slang-wise.  A soft shoulder to cry on?  To lean on?  I genuinely try to keep it together ... but I the last time I just utterly fell apart, Stoney was there.  He let me cry on him ... thank goodness I had waterproof mascara on so I didn't stain his shirt.  But ... if there's a meaning to soft shoulder other than that?  Someone's gonna have to clue me in ...

3.  What’s something you wish would just stop? - I wish I could stop drinking so much soda.  I stopped by the grocery store tonight and bought a case of bottled water and a couple different types of those little pouches of lemonade crystals.  I have to make myself try something different.  Sure, the calories are a huge problem ... but primarily it's hard on my kidneys to be drinking this much soda.

4.  What’s a recent decision you wish you could make a U-turn on? - I really don't know.  Right now I'm pretty happy.  Tired ... but happy.  If anything, I wish I would've planned this weekend a little differently.  But you live and you learn ... and now I know better  Can we fix it?  Yes we can!

5.  What mundane task do you think most people do the wrong way? - Toilet paper.  Yes there is a right way.  It goes over ... never under.

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
Fuckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

Tesla - Signs

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