Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fuck This Noise ...


So I got my ass chewed today ... twice.   Both by customer service reps in New York ... so ... at the moment I don't have a very good opinion of the Empire State.

I know I've made mistakes ... I'm just learning after all ... but these two incidents didn't even involve anything I'd done.  One was a problem with a state in the southeast ... a problem between the company and the state ... and the customer service rep decided to call me and rant and rave about the problem.  Trust me, if I could fix it ... I would.  That's just the kind of person I am ... I like fixing things.  But this was out of my hands.

Then later that morning, I got another phone call from another CSR in the same state yelling about a filing date that was wrong.  I don't input filing dates ... they do.  I'm not sure who put in the wrong information ... but I don't even have access to that system.

Oh ... and the cherry on the shit sundae that was my day ... I got a nasty, judge-y internal note from a woman who said something was due yesterday and it hadn't been done ... which made us look bad.

But ... that particular order wasn't on my queue.  I would've done it for her but since I didn't take it ... and it wasn't assigned to me ... I didn't see it on my work list or my queue or on my close of business expected dates ... which, by the way, is designed specifically to eliminate the possibility of things falling through the cracks.  Whose initials were on it?  Hers.  She had assigned to herself.

So by the time I went to lunch, I was in a bad mood ... I was irritated and depressed.  Getting away for awhile helped.   But I still cringed every time the phone rang this afternoon ... sure it was someone else calling to ream me out.

My team leader talked to me for about 30 minutes before we left.  She says it's just part of the learning process ... that the CSRs take advantage of new employees because they know they can get away with it.   She said I'm doing a fantastic job ... and that after awhile I'll grow a thicker skin and get used to listening to them rant.  No matter how nicely she said it, "you'll get used to it" didn't really make me feel any better about the situation.

I miss my old job.  I had no interaction with the public ... and almost no drama.  And for the first time I'm dreading going to work tomorrow ... because heaven knows what will be waiting for me when I get there.

(Heaven knows)
What kind of fool am I
(Heaven knows)
Why you take an eye for an eye
(Heaven knows)
What comes over me
You were pumping iron as I was pumping irony

Robert Plant - Heaven Knows

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