Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thinking of Sunny ...

Over the weekend, I got the news that a friend of mine, we'll call her Sunny, was in the hospital.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago.  It was very aggressive and spread quickly.  But Sunny didn't give up ... she's a fighter. 

She's been in several trials ... tried at least dozen different treatments.  Some were worse than others.  She would lose her hair and then slowly grow it back ... only to have it fall out again when they had to start a new treatment.  She didn't complain though.  She just got up, tied a colorful scarf around her head, and drove off to visit one of her dozens ... no hundreds ... of friends.

Last year, my boss gave me two tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas show up in Peoria.  I knew she'd had a hard year ... so I invited her to go with me.  It was a long trip.  She was too weak to drive, so I picked her up at their home somewhere out by Dawson.  I didn't mind though ... it was worth it to spend an evening with her. 

She's such a giving person ... and she's reaching the end of her journey.  I was planning on going to the hospital to see her this morning ... but her husband says they're moving her to hospice.   She's confused and in terrible, terrible pain.  He said at this point, he just wants her to stop hurting ... and and I told him I understood.  No one ever wants to see their loved one suffering.

Sunny loves fall ... and she loves Halloween.  So I'm watching the leaves fall and thinking of her.  Hoping she finds peace after fighting this for so long. 

Without you
The eyes gaze
The legs walks
The lungs breathe
The mind churns
The heart yearns
The tears dry without you

Rent - Without You

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