Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Series of Unfortunate Events ...

Poor, Stoney.  He's had a rough couple days.  After the snowstorm and arctic temperatures hit, he woke to find some of his pipes had frozen.  While he was dealing with that, he got a phone call notifying him that, because of the weather, our new bed wouldn't be delivered this week as planned.  It was a long, trying day ... but the pipes finally unfroze without any permanent damage.  He went to work today worn out ... only to discover when he got home that his furnace had stopped working.  When it rains, it pours.

I ran over to his house after work so he could borrow a space heater ... just in the off change they couldn't get the furnace back up and running tonight.  He looked so forlorn sitting there.  And his house was getting pretty chilly.   I told him he was invited to come over, should he need to  ... and then I headed out.  Our friend, Bendy, was coming over to look at the furnace.  Hopefully he could get it back up and running.

It's odd how these things happen.  One of my co-workers was telling me about the long list of things that had gone wrong for her this weekend ... the battery in her car, her garage door opener, and much, much more.  I've had it happen to me before.  It seems like once we hit a bad patch, we have to deal with a whole slew of unfortunate events.

Hopefully Bendy can get Stoney's place warmed up tonight ... and this will be the end of the bad luck.  The big comfy bed won't be delivered until next week ... but that's alright too.  We're much more likely to take his tree down without the distraction of a fluffy new bed.  Onward and upward ...

Luck be lady tonight
Luck be lady tonight
Luck if you've been a lady to begin with
Luck be a lady tonight

Frank Sinatra -
Luck Be a Lady Tonight

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