Saturday, January 11, 2014

Underwear That's Fun To Wear ...

It's said that every woman eventually turns into her mother.  I think that's true to a point.  My mom isn't exactly like her mother.  I think she strives not to be.  They have a lot in common, but I think my mom attempts to sand down the rough edges.

I'm the same.  I catch myself doing some of the same things as she does.  For instance today.   I went shopping and decided to pick up some new underwear.  I have a thing about underwear.  I mean ... I have a *thing* about underwear.  I have probably ... oh ... two or three dozen pairs in my drawer and yet I'm compelled to buy more.  It's an issue.

In any case ... about a year ago I found a kind that I just love ... and when I went today to buy more, they were out.   No big deal ... the wonder of the Internet, right?  I came home went online to order some ... only to find out that they had discontinued them.

I sat here burbling ... why would they do that???  Why would they stop making something that was so obviously popular??  There were so many people online writing to complain about why they couldn't buy them ... but the company simply says they have moved on to a different style/fabric.  And that's when I noticed that I was like my mom.

Mom will sit and complain about how they keep taking away things she likes.  Anytime she likes a certain product, they will inevitably stop making it.  Up until now, I generally just nodded my head and said, "Uh huh" ... but today I thought ... she's right!

It's happened twice today.  A week ago I found these amazing pajamas ... pajamas that I love so much that I was going to buy several pairs just I could always have a clean pair on laundry day.  But nope ... those are sold out as well.   I was able to buy one new set to wear when the big comfy bed is delivered next Friday ... but my idea of stocking up?  No go.  First the underwear?  Now this.

Maybe it's an age thing?  You get to a certain age where you start developing preferences.  I prefer this type of sock.  I prefer this type of jeans.  I guess in my early 20's, I was so set on finding a  preferred schnapps that I didn't have time to decide what kind of underwear I wanted to buy in bulk.  Oh young, ThirtyWhat ... put down the tequila ... and start stocking up on microfiber.

To wear my old jeans
To eat a whole cake
Feel the sun on my feet
Be quiet, be crazy
Be anything I want to be
Dance around in my underwear

Atomic Kitten - Like Other Girls

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